As our client, you can completely rely on our Offshore/Nearshore software services to achieve a great return on your IT investment.

IT Outsourcing

One of the main reasons why businesses hire an IT outsourcing company is to reduce overall cost that has to do with maintaining IT infrastructures. Another reason is improved technology. The extent of technological performances of any business would end up influencing it bottom line. Outdated, old programs and hardware can limit the potential of any business. This is why it’s important that businesses bring in a professional IT outsourcing company to provide system analysis. 
WhizGlobal is an IT solutions company in Atlanta, GA, which specializes in IT consulting services. Companies and businesses benefit from the flexibility of our IT outsourcing services and infrastructure support, which can include any or all of desktop management services, IT help desk, mobile device and applications support, network monitoring and more. Our goal as an IT solutions company is to make sure that our IT outsourcing services perfectly integrates with your company’s strategy, both as of today and as it changes with time. 

Helpdesk Outsourcing

Our Helpdesk outsourcing services identifies one of three basic missions of helpdesk outsourcing at each point in time; support for business-to-business users, support for internal technology or support for consumers. 

At WhizGlobal, we provide high quality and consistent IT Helpdesk outsourcing services on a global scale. We have a proven methodology that we make use of in providing helpdesk support to thousands of end-users of businesses worldwide. We only recruit and train the highest caliber of staff and this has ensured our consistency with quality service at every level.

We understand how important effective desktop support is for businesses. This is why we have designed every step of our desktop outsourcing process to address end-users effectively and on time. More still, we have set up certain measures to make sure that incidents doesn’t occur again. 
As our customer, we can help you reduce costs while we assist you in moving beyond reactive incident management to effective management processes that will ensure higher levels of IT service management performance.

Offshore/Nearshore Software Services 

There are many reasons why nearshore services are becoming the most preferred option for software outsourcing solutions in place of offshore services. For one, the time and communication aspects of this software choice is quite beneficial to companies with changing programming requirements.
We have a nearshore software development center from where we offer our clients what they need for successful software projects such as real-time communication, technical and language skills. WhizGlobal’s Application Delivery Center in LOCATION is a known provider of Managed Application Outsourcing Services. Our nearshore software outsourcing services has been one of our main IT services over the past few years and as a result, we have always delivered efficient software services to our clients.